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The Molfix sun first shone in Turkey in 1998.

In 1999. The Molfix sun rose in Bulgaria, Russia and Ukraine. Molfix soon became a fixed name in the minds of mothers as a brand among the best-known brands.

A new production facility started operating in 2001 as a first step towards the years where the Molfix sun will be shining further.

Molfix obtained the consumer awards 2 years in a row in 2002 and 2003 in Turkey. Babies loved Molfix and mothers were thankful to Molfix!

This time the Molfix sun illuminated both the east and the west in 2003. A new quality standard was being born for mothers in Azerbaijan and Bosnia.

Molfix was of course the one to remember premature babies and to launch the first premature baby diapers in Turkey in 2006.

The lights of the Molfix sun go further. 2007 was the year when Algerian babies and mothers were acquainted with a new technology.

In 2008, both babies and mothers liked watching Molfix commercials on TV again. Molfix commercials, which are breaking rating records on Youtube even today, had their name written in golden letters in the history of Turkish advertising.

With the perfect harmony launched in 2009, a new standard was defined for mothers in view of the ease and comfort of babies.

Molfix became one of the first 2 brands in the market a year after entering the Iranian market in 2011.

Molfix was already one of the leading brands of the world! Molfix is a sun which never sets in 72 countries! Millions of babies and mothers in 72 countries were using Molfix as of 2012.

Molfix was the light of happiness shed onto the faces of millions of babies Worldwide and it was 15 yeears-old!

Molfix used «the most absorbing baby diaper» claim in its new campaign against its local and global competitors.

Molfix 3D (Antisagging) was launched with Babies Discovering campaign and won great recognition.

Molfix gained Effie Award in Turkey thanks to its Babies Discovering campaign
Molfix pants was launched.
Molfix Babysteps campaign has started and Molfix endorsed a real doctor for the first time in its history, using recommendation of a health organization against one of its most selling global diaper competitor.

Molfix Pure & Soft has been launched, presenting a diaper which is very soft and free of many chemicals for babies and presenting inner peace for the mothers.