Weekly Development of Pregnancy ( 17 – 21 Weeks )


About you;

Congratulations. You are half through your pregnancy. Your womb has probably grown to reach up to your belly button. You should be able to feel the movements of your baby more clearly. One of the discomforts of pregnancy is leg cramps. These cramps could continue well into your pregnancy. The volume of blood in circulation in your body continues to increase. In this/her period there will also be an increase in the frequency of hot flushes, dizziness, and sweaty intervals. Dramatic changes in your blood pressure are not expected. The changes taking place in your blood vessels will not allow large blood pressure fluctuations. Blood vessels enlarge and become more flexible to accommodate the flow of blood. On the other hand, the pigmentation on your skin will become more noticeable. It is possible to see a cluster of tiny red spots resembling spider’s webs. Gaining weight more than recommended could make the pregnancy and birth of your baby harder. Moreover shedding the extra weight after birth could be difficult. Continue to be careful with what you eat and choose nutritious foods that will be nourishing for you and your baby.

Your baby;

The bones in our baby’s skull, spinal column, and arm and leg bones are now stronger. The lungs, and the digestive and nervous systems start developing. His/her genitals are now fully developed. His/her eyelids are generally closed; however, he/she can move his/her eyes to the left and right. The reddish colour of his/her wrinkled skin starts lightening. The outer ears are formed and his/her hearing is known to be sufficiently developed in this/her week, as proven by his/her reaction to loud noises. you can now have your baby listen to music. In this/her period he/she may swallow some amniotic fluid, and sometimes it is possible to observe the movements of his/her mouth on the ultrasound images. Hiccups, the initial breathing movements of your baby, also start in this/her period.

At the end of the 21st week the baby is approximately 20 cm long and weighs 450 grams.

Detailed ultrasound examination

After the 20th week of pregnancy you must see a perinatology specialist (Risky Pregnancy Specialist) and have a detailed ultrasonography conducted. Measurements taken in this/her detailed screening help determine whether your baby is proportionate in size to the known dates, and her development is compared with what is usual for this/her stage. A detailed examination of the brain, spinal cord, arms, legs and all internal organs is conducted during this/her process.